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Component 1 – Improvement of water abstraction: Rehabilitation of river bank drain in Huedin (Cluj) and of we...


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The Project "Extension and rehabilitation of water and waste water systems in Cluj/Sălaj counties! Improvement of water supply , sewerage and waste water treatment systems in Cluj Sălaj area co" - financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union under the Sectoral Operational Program (SOP) Environment has the value of 732,748,927 RON and the implementation period between 2008-2013.


Financing structure:



Cohesion Fund (EU contribution):    74,0%  
State Budget (Romanian Government contribution):     11,3%  
Local Budget (Local authorities contribution):     1,9%  
Bank loan (contracted by Compania de Apă SOMEȘ S.A.):     12,8%          







The project implemented by Compania de Apă SOME Ș S.A. follows up the series of investments performed along the year s in eight localities in Cluj and Sălaj counties: Cluj - Napoca , Dej, Gherla , Huedin , Zalău , Jibou, Șimleu Silvaniei and Cehu Silvaniei. These investments comprised the extension and rehabilitation of drinking water treatment plants and of waste water treatment plants , of the water transport mains , of the water supply and sewerage systems . 

The main priority of Compania de Apă SOMEȘ S.A. is to provide EQUAL quality services for ALL its customers in Cluj and Sălaj counties . 

 Some of the residents, in particular in areas recently taken over by Compania de Apă SOMEȘ S.A. have been waiting for years for such works, either to be connected to water or sewerage networks, or to solve the problems caused so far by old existing networks. The y, like us, are convinced that a probable temporary discomfort (caused by execution of works) will be fully compensated by future benefits of such investment in the modernization of water supply and waste water collection and treatment.