Component 1 – Improvement of water abstraction: Rehabilitation of river bank drain in Huedin (Cluj) and of well field in Jibou and of water supply from Sălsig for Cehu Silvaniei (Sălaj). To ensure constant and uninterrupted supply of raw water to communities with underground water sources, the replacement and modernisation of existing electrical and mechanical (E&M) equipment at the well field and river bank drain is required.

Component 2 – Improvement of drinking water treatment: Rehabilitation of drinking water treatment plant in Vârşolţ, supplying Zalău city and Șimleu Silvaniei town (Sălaj) and of chlorine dosing plant in Huedin. To ensure water treatment according to EU norms and Romanian regulations, major improvements are required at the treatment plant in Vârşolţ and at the pumping station for the river bank drain in Huedin.

Component 3 – Improvement of drinking water distribution

Rehabilitation and extension of water distribution networks in all 8 localities:

  • Extension of water supply to areas not supplied before, thus increasing the percentage of population with access to proper quality water according to EU norms and Romanian regulations;
  • 92 km of water pipes will be replaced in the 8 localities;
  • reduce network losses;
  • improve safety of water supply;
  • secure water quality;
  • secure sufficient volume of water at proper pressure.

Component 4 – Improve collection into Collector

Rehabilitation and extension of sewerage network in all 8 localities:

  • significant extension of sewerage with a total of 73 km with the purpose of increasing the number of sewerage connections of population to the centralised sewerage system and improvement of sanitary and environment conditions;
  • rehabilitation by relining and replacement of network sections with the highest level of wear – in total 43 km, with the purpose of rehabilitating the existing inefficient sewerage system, to reduce infiltration and leakages, preventing pipe obstructions, waste water losses on streets and in buildings;
  • eliminate direct discharge of waste water, which bypass the waste water treatment plants, into rivers and general improvement of flexibility and efficiency of the waste water collection system.

Component 5 – Improve treatment of waste water

For the purpose of compliance with EU Directive regarding the Urban Waste Water Treatment (91/271/EEC), the significant rehabilitation, modernisation and extension of waste water treatment facilities in all 8 localities: Cluj-Napoca, Dej, Gherla, Huedin, Zalău, Jibou, Șimleu Silvaniei and Cehu Silvaniei is required.

Component 6 – Additional measures

To ensure efficient implementation of the project over the entire project area, additional measures have been provided:

  • technical assistance for networks design – this covers the improvement of water and sewerage network data bases and the development of hydraulic modelling for both networks. This also includes the task of preparing the Feasibility Study for the water transport main from Gilău to Zalău, scheduled in the period subsequent to this project stage. Infiltration into sewerage networks will be investigated with video cameras.
  • Supervision of works – supporting the operator in the supervision of works within the work contracts;
  • Equipment procurement – this component provides the procurement and installation of a large number of measuring devices, leakage detection devices, pressure washing vehicles, video camera systems, SCADA system;
  • Publicity measures will be implemented with the purpose of increasing public awareness and acceptance levels.