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For the development and extension of environment infrastructure, after entering the European Union, Romania has been benefiting from structural and cohesion funds.

The European Fund for Regional Development and the Cohesion Fund are financial instruments of a community assistance program adopted by the European Commission for achieving the convergence objectives by the new Member States, including Romania. 

With the Cohesion Fund, the European Commission grants co-financing with the purpose of conforming the environment infrastructure from Romania with the requirements of EU Directives regarding the quality of drinking water and environment.

The Environment Sectoral Operational Program (Environment SOP) is part of the Cohesion Fund and includes among the priority axes, the Priority Axis 1 “Extension and modernisation of water supply and waste water systems”.

Within the Environment SOP, Compania de Apa Somes SA is implementing the Project “Extension and rehabilitation of water supply and waste water systems in Cluj/Salaj counties – Improvement of water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment systems in Cluj – Salaj area”, a project which is the first stage of a long term plan (2008-2026) to which end the infrastructure and service quality within the entire area serviced by Compania de Apa Somes SA in Cluj and Salaj counties will comply with the requirements of European Water Directive and Environment Directive.