Sustainable services

The main purpose of the Technical Assistance Contract for the Management of the Project “Extension and rehabilitat...

Polluter pays

Environment protection is the assembly of regulations, measures and actions with the purpose of maintaining, protecting ...


During the treatment of urban waste water with mechanical-biological processes, solid substances defined as sewage...

The main purpose of the Technical Assistance Contract for the Management of the Project “Extension and rehabilitation of water supply and waste water systems in Cluj/Salaj counties – Improvement of water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment systems in Cluj – Salaj area” is the implementation of sustainable water supply and sewerage systems.

Thus, the infrastructure, management and financial capacity of Compania de Apa Somes would develop in a sustainable manner. This will contribute to secure the water supply, in particular considering that during the recent years a number of communities supplied from local sources lost water supply due to drought.

With its policy of sustainable development, the Company permanently follows the reduction of water losses and of energy consumption by implementing hydraulic modelling, with permanent access to any point of the water/sewerage management by implementing a specific GIS application.

Furthermore, Compania de Apa Somes follows the sustainable management of sludge and residues from waste water treatment plants, monitors and controls the discharge of industrial waste water, based on the “polluter pays” principle.

Sustainable development ensures:

  • identify and update priorities;
  • follow-up of operational results;
  • improve the quality of water supply and sewerage services;
  • control and reduce/prevent risks;
  • permanent improvement of Company’s performances;
  • good quality services as regards the optimisation of operations, infrastructure stability and customers satisfaction.